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About Altura

Altura is redefining the gaming industry's economic model by pioneering the use of Web3 technologies to deliver real ownership and value to gamers' digital assets. Altura’s platform arose from the growing dissatisfaction with traditional in-game purchases. Our Web3 gaming infrastructure empowers developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their games, offering an innovative approach to game development and asset monetization

Our Mission & Vision

Altura’s mission is to provide a powerful platform which amplifies the mass adoption of web3 technology in gaming for both gamers and developers. Altura will enable developers to integrate Web3 into their games and add new monetization channels via web3 technologies. Our vision is to become synonymous with Web3 gaming to become the leading Web3 gaming infrastructure platform, supporting the growth and development of games being built with Web3 ideologies and principles in mind. Our value proposition is simple and powerful tools, 24/7 developer support for multiple blockchain networks, and a thriving community of Web3 gamers and enthusiasts.

Our History

Altura was founded in April of 2021 by Majd Hailat with the goal of providing the necessary infrastructure for game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games. Majd Hailat was raised in Ontario, Canada, and played video games ever since he was a young child. In his adolescence, he discovered Counter-Strike, a highly competitive first-person shooter with tradable digital assets, known as weapon skins, which would plant the seeds for what was to come. After launching in the spring of 2021, Altura quickly evolved from an ambitious startup to a key leader and innovator in the Web3 space. The company's status as a Unity verified solution and its introduction of Smart NFTs—a first in the industry—underscore its commitment to leading the charge in next-generation gaming infrastructure. Altura's multi-chain support framework caters to a diverse array of developer preferences, cementing itself as a versatile and inclusive platform.

Our Future

Altura will continue to add onto its robust technology stack, develop & foster strategic partnerships, and uphold its steadfast commitment to the gaming community. As the digital landscape evolves, Altura's platform remains a testament to the potential of Web3 technologies to create a more equitable and value-driven gaming economy. The heart of Altura's marketplace is its native token, ALU, which facilitates a vibrant economy within its ecosystem. The platform's roadmap indicates a continued focus on broadening community engagement and enhancing platform functionalities. With the Web3 gaming market projected to experience exponential growth, Altura is strategically positioned to capitalize on this surge and to reinforce its standing as an industry trailblazer.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Community Engagement

Our Team

A team of experienced and talented individuals passionate about gaming and web3 technology leads Altura.


Majd Hailat, a Co-founder and CEO of Altura, is a young entrepreneur with a background in computer engineering. He has been programming for over five years and has developed a successful crypto management app. Majd has designed and led the development of Altura's platform and has built and managed Altura's team.


Tanner Matthews, the COO & Co-Founder of Altura is Canadian CPA and graduated from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics with a Bachelor of Business Administration as well as a Graduate Diploma both specializing in accounting. Tanner prides himself on his highly analytical problem-solving mindset which is what has driven him to where he is in his young career. Tanner has been brought on to rigorously prepare Altura for upcoming funding opportunities as the company takes its next steps in becoming the most disruptive player in the web 3 gaming space.